World Health Qigong Day 2019

World Health Qigong Day 2019

Saturday 14th September – 10am Start
Puke Ariki Foyer

Taranaki Tai Chi Chuan Association is proud to provide Tai Chi and Qigong throughout the province.

Once again this year thousands of people around the world will join together to practice Health Qigong at 10am their local time creating a wave of qigong in 43 countries across five countries, beginning in New Zealand and ending in Canada.

Please join us for a free public class/demonstration and be part of this worldwide event with Qigong participants from across the globe to promote and enjoy this exercise method which enhances health and well-being for all ages and abilities.

Health Qigong is based on fluid physical movements, mental cultivation and regulated breathing guides. It is now regarded within the Chinese health and medical science fields as “a shining pearl in Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

It has helped millions of people with severe and lingering health problems to improve their health. Over 40 countries have adopted Dao Yin Qigong with over 4 million people currently practising this art. Just wear comfortable clothing with flat shoes and bring along your enthusiasm to give it a try!

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