Health Qigong Workshop Weekend

Health Qigong Workshop Weekend

Bell Block Hall, Main Road, Bell Block, New Plymouth

FRIDAY 11th October
6.00pm – 6.30pm Registration
6.30pm – 8.30pm Welcome & SPECIAL FREE OPEN CLASS Health Qigong

SATURDAY 12th October
9.00am – 5.00pm WU QIN XI – Five Animal Frolics Workshop
Instructed by Professor Miao Fusheng
* Lunch break from 12noon – 2.00pm

SUNDAY 13th October
9.00am – 4.30pm LIU ZI JUE – Six Healing Sounds Workshop
Instructed by Professor Wang Jin Xuan
* Lunch break from 12noon – 2.00pm

Taranaki Tai Chi Chuan Association is once again proud to present Professor Miao Fusheng and Professor Wang Jin Xuan as international instructors with the 2019 Delegation of the International Health Qigong Federation and Chinese Health Qigong Association.

This is a weekend for all ages and abilities interested in learning various qigong forms.

FRIDAY evening class is a SPECIAL FREE OPEN CLASS OF HEALTH QIGONG as an introductory class to this wonderful health practice.

SATURDAY is a full day workshop on WU QIN XI – Five Animal Frolics, practiced by imitating symbolically and physically the movements, breathing and sounds of the five animals. It consists of some standard forms of movements, spontaneous movements and sounds, and simple but effective techniques. The symbolic connotation of the animals can have great effects on state of mind and behaviour. The dignity and masculine power of the tiger, the elegance of the deer, the earthiness and soft strength of the bear, the graceful and free spirit of the bird and the liveliness and vigilance of the monkey, all imprint their marks on the consciousness and assist in building confidence and self-esteem. One of the oldest and most well known styles of Qigong in China, the Wu Qin Xi is effective for promoting good health and suitable for all ages

SUNDAY is a full day workshop on LIU ZI JUE – Six Healing Sounds, a traditional Chinese health practice dating back to the Taoist Monks in 200 BC. It is an exercise that regulates and controls the rise and fall of Qi inside the body and related in halation and exhalation through different mouth forms. The six healing sounds are “Xu, He, Hu,Si, Chui and Xi” and their aim is the strengthening of the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys and sanjiao (the three portions of the body cavities housing the internal organs). The exercises are designed to be completed slowly, gently, with extended and graceful movements. Practitioners of these exercises report they have experienced a general improvement in their quality of life with all ages and abilities enjoying the benefits of this qigong practice.

In addition we are pleased to advise that the BA DUAN JIN INTERNATIONAL HEALTH QIGONG FEDERATION RANKING SYSTEM DUAN EXAMINATION (First Level) will be available during this weekend. This is a wonderful opportunity to be assessed in a safe and welcoming environment as part of an enthusiastic and nurturing team. Prior registration for the short exam is mandatory.

Single Day Workshop $70.00 per person (TTCCA Member) or $80.00 per person (non-Member)
Weekend Workshop (All Sessions) $100.00 per person (TTCCA Member) or $120.00 (non-Member)

  • Registrations via
    Friday night is Free of Charge to all participants
    Ba Duan Jin Exam – please contact for the pre-registration and payment process

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